4 factors that make the Dukan diet a good choice

Established by Pierre Dukan, the Dukan diet is a plan that revolves around high-protein and low-carb intake. Pierre Dukan published a book about this diet in the year 2000, and since then, it has since garnered several fans from across the world. It is especially revered for its quick weight loss results and meal plans.

The Dukan diet is essentially split into four stages, and the period that one stays in each stage depends upon the total weight they want to lose. It can be started after recording the “true” weight which depends on the weight loss history, age, and other related factors. There are several benefits to following the Dukan diet.

  • Includes natural and real foods: Today, numerous diet plans promote the use of meal substitutes and protein shakes. The Dukan diet, on the other hand, condemns the use of such products as they may only satiate one’s hunger for a short period. It emphasizes the importance of eating real foods that let the dieter chew and enjoy their foods while tasting different textures. The diet plans that restrict real foods may cause dissatisfaction, and in turn, a person following such a diet may be tempted by junk foods.  
  • No limit on the portions: The Dukan diet lets dieters eat as much as they want, of the total number of foods that they are allowed during each phase. This factor works well for individuals who find it difficult to control their portions and eat to suppress their emotions. The foods included under this diet are high on protein which helps eliminate water from the body. So, one can reduce water retention as well.
  • Quick weight loss: As compared to most other weight loss plans, the Dukan diet provides fast weight loss results. Even though this diet enables the dieter to eat real foods and in limitless potions, it brings noticeable results. During the first phase, only protein-rich foods can be consumed, and this brings about an estimated weight loss of up to 12 pounds. Due to the rapid weight loss, people are motivated to follow through with the other phases which promote a more sustainable weight loss.
  • Balanced meals: The Dukan diet does not cut the consumption of entire food groups or ingredients for weight loss. While in the initial phases, it does reduce the fat and carbohydrate intake, but these are not permanent changes. The diet also includes celebration meals, and this helps in maintaining a balanced diet without causing the dieter to feel guilty.

There is ongoing research about the safety of the Dukan diet, but health professionals’ point at the effects of the high protein intake. High-protein intake has been known to have an adverse effect on the kidney and bone health, but present research suggests otherwise. People with liver conditions, gout, liver disease, or any related issues should consult a physician before beginning the Dukan diet. Also, the diet can restrict some kinds of foods at different phases, and this can be an issue for some dieters who have nutritional deficiencies.