4 vitamins to protect your skin from aging

Having the right amount of nutrients is crucial for the body to function properly. When we are young, we do not need to take extra supplements to stay fit. However, as we grow older, we also need to combat the problems associated with aging. While vitamin-rich supplements may support the body from inside, a lot of dermatologists suggest applying them topically as well. Whichever way you choose, you should include the following five skin vitamins to keep your skin young and supple: Vitamin E If you are suffering through patches of dry skin, then the ultimate solution for you is vitamin E. When it is applied topically, it ends up being a powerful antioxidant which is fat soluble in nature. This, in turn, helps in protecting your skin from oxidation. With the right amount of vitamin E applied to your skin, you can get a good natural moisturizer which also helps in the reduction of stretch marks, burns, and scars. Some nutritionists also suggest keeping a check on your vitamin intake, as the quantity of vitamin E in your multivitamin may be enough. Vitamin A One of the biggest reasons why we need skin vitamins as we age is due to wrinkles. As the skin starts to lose its elasticity, we get wrinkles. To combat this problem, we should use the best natural wrinkle reducer, i.e., vitamin A. When it is applied topically, it supplies the skin with retinoids. Retinoid can help in treating skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne. When it gets applied to the skin, vitamin A also aids in the synthesis of collagen. However, it can also be consumed in the diet for great results. Vitamin C While vitamin C is typically associated with the strengthening of the immunity system, it can also help in keeping the skin healthy. Right from healthy tissue growth to the formation of collagen and healing wounds, it can also act as a catalyst for keeping your beauty intact. However, since the body requires it so much, when you consume it, you would never be able to absorb it enough for making the skin supple. Instead, applying it topically often works the best.

Vitamin B3 You must have often heard that the skin requires hydration. One of the best skin vitamins to ensure this is vitamin B3. It is not only necessary for proper metabolization of fat and protein but also helps in carrying out the functioning of a digestive system. However, when applied topically, the skin retains moisture by producing fatty acids, which help in protecting the skin. It is also a good replacement for exfoliators such as salicylic acids and even glycolic acids. When it comes to the important skin vitamins, even vitamin K plays a crucial role in anti-aging, as it helps you get rid of dark circles. With a proper balance of all of the above-mentioned skin vitamins, you would be better able to combat the skin problems associated with aging.