5 measures to stop hair thinning

Hair thinning refers to a decrease in hair mass. Being different from conventional hair loss, hair thinning may not always be a precursor to baldness. However, hair thinning makes a person’s hair look extremely fine in some spots. Thus, one may end up looking for different ways to fight this hair condition. Apart from using loads of hair products, several other ways are available to prevent hair thinning. Among all the methods of fixing hair thinning, here are some that actually work: Control over diet If hair thinning is bothering someone, they can go to their kitchen to find the solution. It is essential that one pays attention to their diet to solve any health problem. Incorporating proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and iron in the diet can help improve and change the hair volume in a matter of a few months. The hair thickness will also dramatically improve if one starts consuming the right vitamins for hair health. Hair loss or hair regrowth treatment This method only works if the thinning hair is a sign of hair loss. Keratin is an essential aspect of hair as it adds thickness. However, one cannot exactly inject keratin to add volume to their hair. If regrowing the hair through natural means doesn’t work, then one can consider specific regrowth treatments like Minoxidil. Another option of hair regrowth treatment is a hair transplant. While it is a bit invasive, a hair transplant is one of the most effective ways of dealing with hair thinning. While it comes with a heavy price tag, it can ensure that one has a head full of hair. Stay hydrated Most people are unaware that approximately 25% of each hair molecule consists of water. Hence, if one does not drink enough water, their hair will definitely suffer from the consequences. It is advisable that a person should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day. An increase in water intake will make a significantly positive difference in hair health.

Exercise Exercise is capable of having a positive impact not only a person’s health but also their hair. Exercising regularly can boost blood circulation to the scalp. A lot of times, hair thinning occurs due to poor blood circulation, and thus, regular exercise can help. Quit alcohol If one wishes to see a difference in their hair health, then they must start by ditching alcohol. Most people fail to realize that even a few pints of alcohol if taken regularly, can have a significant impact on their health. It can, in turn, show an impact on the hair which may gradually become thin due to excess alcoholism. Thus, quitting the habit of alcohol consumption is the best way to avoid the problem of hair thinning. Thus, by following these measures, one can tackle the problem of thinning hair.