A guide to using hairbrushes for beautiful hair

A hairbrush is ideal for cleaning and distributing moisture throughout the hair. Though, a variety of hairbrushes are now available in the market to perform the same function as that of a comb, such as detangling, styling or similar other. However, there are still certain précised hairstyles which can be achieved only by combs and not by hairbrushes. Keeping that apart, different types of bristles are used for specific functions. There are certain points one should keep a note of while using a hairbrush. They are:

  • Avoid using a hairbrush with frayed bristles
  • Remove tangled hair from the brush and clean them regularly
  • Use a hairbrush with long bristles so that they could reach the scalp easily and help to distribute the natural oils of the hair and keep them moisturized
  • Choose the correct product according to the hair types for healthy hair. For example, a hairbrush with wooden bristles is ideal for massaging while metallic brush helps to form curls while blow drying

Brushing guide to get healthy hair As said earlier, combs are ideal for all types of hair while brushes are mainly good for dry hair. As a matter of fact, it is always suggested to brush the hair after combing it properly. However, if one wants to rely solely on a hairbrush with the different types available, and is not keen on using a comb at all, the following are some tips to help them with that – Use a hairbrush when it is dry or almost dry Though specific hairbrushes are available for wet hair strands, it is ideal to use a hairbrush when the hair is completely dry or almost dry. If one wants to use any kind of hairbrush for detangling, it is advisable to use fingers and then a wide-toothed comb to detangle the wet or damp hair. This could be then followed by a hairbrush. Start detangling at the tips of the hair strands Just like combs, detangling with hairbrush should be started at the tips and then you must make way to the midsection and ultimately overall brushing from root to the tips. Avoid brushing curly hair Excess brushing of curly hair will loosen the curves and make the hair look fluffy. It will not only ruin the entire curl formation but also can cause frizz. However, a variety of hairbrushes are specially designed for thick and curly hair. So, one should choose their product accordingly otherwise, one might experience excess hair breakage. Hairbrush used for drying can impact the hairstyle The hairstyle one is opting for depends on the hairbrush one uses while drying their hair. It is advised to use a large brush for straight hair, while small brushes help in achieving a curlier look. Cleaning a hairbrush The way a hairbrush works, it may cause the dead skin or a product build-up to stay at the base of the brush. Besides, the stray hair that gets tangled in the brush can also contain those same elements. So, it is essential to clean hairbrushes regularly. Apart from using a hairbrush properly, it is important to choose the correct product for the correct purpose to get healthier hair.