All you need to know about different hair types

Hair care is a term that deals with the overall hygiene of one’s hair and scalp. While it is extremely essential for a person to take good care of their hair, it is also important for a person to understand their hair type to determine what’s best for their hair. Determining a person’s hair type helps them understand which products are good for their hair. To begin with, there are four hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. What is straight hair? In this hair type, a person’s hair lies flat from their roots to tipseven after a lot of twisting, turning and rolling. In most cases, this type of hair is smooth and silky. Straight hair can be thin as well as voluminous. However, women with straight hair often have less volume. One of the major drawbacks of this type of hair is that it has a lot of oil secretion in the scalp, which can often lead to oily and greasy hair. What is wavy hair? Wavy hair is often mistaken for curly hair. As a matter of fact, wavy hair is neither straight nor curly but well balanced between the two. Those who have wavy hair often have slight curls toward the tips of their hair but straight hair from the roots. Wavy hair can be a task to manage at times, depending on the volume of the hair. A major benefit of having wavy hair is that one can go for a number of different hairstyles as wavy hair can hold most hairstyles perfectly. Wavy hair often has rough texture along with a thick diameter. It can be sub-divided into three types: thin wavy hair, medium wavy hair, and thick wavy hair. What is curly hair? One of the easiest ways to determine if your hair is curly or not is by pulling a strand of hair gently. If it forms an ‘S’ pattern when you leave it, the person is said to have curly hair. Curly hair has the tendency to have more density as compared to straight and wavy hair. One of the major drawbacks of curly hair type is that they can get tangled easily. Curly hair is also more prone to dryness, which can make it unmanageable. Curly hair is further divided into three sub-types: loose curls, medium curls, and tight curls. What is coily hair? Coily hair might look rough from the outside, but it is, in fact, quite fragile. A major drawback of coily hair is that is it more prone to damage and breakage. It, therefore, needs proper care and maintenance. Coily hair has high-density curls that resemble the shape of ‘Z’. Coily hair is further divided into three subtypes: soft, wiry, and extremely wiry. The type of hair determines the type of products they choose. The right products, care, and maintenance can help one have good hair.