Find out if the Ornish diet is right for you

What is the Ornish diet? The Ornish diet works towards achieving a healthier body, rather than just a thinner one. This diet was the first of its kind when it was introduced by the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute — Dr. Dean Ornish. It was a rage in the ’90s in the USA and was also recognized by high-profile celebrities. The main reason for the wide acceptance and success of this plan is the fact that it is backed by proof through research. The Ornish diet is approved by medical professionals and is even endorsed by a few, which is a very rare scenario when it comes to diets. The Ornish diet is not just one diet plan, but it is a spectrum of plans. People can choose from the range of plans, depending on the desired results. Another factor behind the plan’s success is its flexibility. It does not ban foods but believes in consuming various food groups in moderation. What is the aim of the diet? The main aim of the diet is to inculcate a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Most diets have singular and focused motives, such as weight-loss or to regulate health conditions. The Ornish diet focuses on the bigger picture. The focus of this diet is to help people to “feel better, live longer, lose weight and gain health”, as Dr. Ornish puts it. The diet’s flexible nature and various plans allow people to achieve multiple goals such as:

  • Weight-loss
  • Improving heart health.
  • Reversing heart conditions.
  • Controlling and preventing other conditions such as diabetes.

Is the diet vegan? No. The diet is not strictly vegan as dairy and meat can be consumed in moderation. The diet restricts the consumption of fatty and processed foods while low-fat and non-dairy products are encouraged.

Is the Ornish diet ideal for people with pre-existing conditions? The Ornish diet is also recommended for people suffering from heart conditions and diabetes. This low-fat, high-fiber diet is ideal for people looking to maintain their heart health. This is because the diet not only aids in losing weight but also in reducing the cholesterol levels. One can rigorously follow the reversal plan and successfully reverse their heart conditions according to claims made by believers. The diet restricts consumption of sugar and carbs, which makes it ideal for those suffering from diabetes, and those who are at the risk of becoming diabetic. The diet is also low in sodium. This aids in controlling blood pressure levels and prevents water retainment in the body. Is exercise a part of the diet? Yes, exercise is a very important aspect of this diet and is required to achieve any fitness goal. Dr. Ornish recommends 30 minutes of exercise, six times a week or 60 minutes of exercise thrice a week. Since stress can affect mental and physical health, Dr. Ornish suggests practicing yoga and meditation to tackle it. The Ornish diet is ideal for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle into a healthier and more active one.