Know about the Ornish diet

Doctor Dean Ornish, a professor at California University, the creator of Ornish diet, and also the founder of preventive medicine research institute built his foundation for people to feel better, live longer, lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. An ideal diet includes less fat, refined carbohydrates, less animal protein, and a better exercising routine. According to Ornish, there are five groups of food which are numbered from most healthy to least healthy. The diet plan encourages an individual to replace the unhealthy food items they consume, with better options. It reiterates the belief that healthy food too can be delicious if well-prepared and propounds a complete change in lifestyle. Dean Ornish is known to have cured a lot of heart diseases with his pattern of diet. This diet is scientifically proven to have an effect on people who were desirous of losing weight, reducing their blood pressure, preventing possible heart diseases and reducing the risks of cancer. The items that are taken off the list of recommended food items when on the Ornish diet are:

  • Cooking oil
  • Fatty foods
  • Dairy products
  • Egg yolk
  • Full fat milk
  • All junk food
  • Excess alcohol
  • Any form of intoxication

Ornish diet includes a lot of nuts and seeds, fibers, and vegetables. This routine includes stress management, exercises, support groups, and rehab as it focuses on not just making a person be physically fit but also mentally healthy. This diet was ranked number 2 in 2018 because of scientific evidence. The Ornish diet isn’t the easiest to follow because it is a largely vegetarian diet, making it difficult for those who are used to eating red meat regularly to maintain it over an elongated period of time. Given below are a few aspects of the Ornish diet:

  • Spectrum approach: This diet is believed to successfully reverse heart diseases. You have to make better choices and prioritize certain habits and commit to them. The program restricts your junk food intake and digital media time. Dean Ornish mentions that the program is tough because it restricts certain fun elements and increases your quality of life. This sole reason keeps you going at it. 80 percent of the individuals as per the enrollment in 2011 came up with amazing results in a year itself and the study found that all of them were satisfied.
  • Improving sedentary lifestyle: Exercises, stress management classes, anger management sessions, rehab for intoxications are all part of the Ornish diet. Alcohol is allowed only in moderation hence eating out once in a while is also mentioned in the diet. It is advised to eat slowly to help digest food.
  • Load up on complex carbs and vegetables: When you look up for carbs and proteins, go for food items that have less bad carbs. This essentially means no red meat, mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, refined carbs, including seeds, nuts, flax seeds, sundried pumpkin seeds, etc. The diet emphasizes the importance of quality of food over quantity.

The Ornish diet is a little on the higher price end as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are expensive. If you are smart at monthly budgeting then you can source fruits and vegetables from a wholesale organic produce and cut your expenses on meat.