Reasons why the Ornish diet is an excellent idea

One in ten people in the country dies of cardiac diseases, chronic illness, diabetes, and other issues arising out of poor lifestyle and dietary choices. People often tend to forget their health because of the rat race. Dr. Ornish, a physical consultant from Los Angeles, once presented a talk on sedentary lifestyle and genetics. He carried out a study for around 40 years and has scientific proof of 27 years. Dr. Dean Ornish says that the Ornish diet has projected visible results and has reversed some chronic diseases. They had around 3,500 respondents to the diet. People moved to greens like kombucha drinks, kale smoothies, chard air fried, and sugar-free fresh juices. It was noted that the global wellness industry has grown more than 10% as on 2015 June to $3.7 trillion and Index mentioned the increase in physical activity among millennial and its connection to the global wellness industry is unparalleled. Most individuals these days fall victim to issues like breast cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, cardiac arrests, pulmonary hypertension, among others. The Ornish diet recommends a lifestyle centered around moderate exercise, spiritual exercises, love, and a plant-based diet in order to avoid the risks of a modern, sedentary lifestyle. The Ornish diet mostly focuses on heart diseases. Stress, mental illness, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, disability, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. are the common problems faced by millennials in the rush to make ends meet. Ornish has himself experienced such troubles and mentions his personal experience with depression. He says that this was what pushed him to begin researching into a lifestyle which could be beneficial for everyone. 2015 statistics mentioned that America was one of the primary consumers of red meat, dominating three-fourths of the meat industry and it has only expanded since then. If this was reduced and the consumption of non-meat protein was increased, at least 85% of this population would be feeling much better.

The rise of fast food outlets and the ease with which junk food is available makes it extremely easy for a struggling college student or young individual to resort to unhealthy food items over something like a salad. But this can have terrible connotations for the body in the long run, and Ornish believes that one needs to change their ways before the body starts complaining majorly. With hundreds of social media apps about meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. it should be easier to attain a few moments of peace in the day but contrary to belief, these apps just make the mind more jittery since constantly staring at a screen pressurizes the eye and brain both. Because of this, the founding principles of the Ornish diet focus on the quality of food over quantity, reducing the consumption of red meat and getting the protein intake from legumes and vegetables instead, regular exercise, an active social lifestyle, and reduced screen time for a healthier life. Be it agility, flexibility, stamina, brain work or even lifestyle, good choices tend to improve all aspects of one’s life and the Ornish diet reiterates this in a variety of ways.