The stages of the Dukan diet

Nowadays, several diets have become normal, including keto, Atkins, GM diet, and many more. One such weight loss diet is the Dukan that has gained popularity in the country. Obesity in the country is a critical issue, and the Dukan diet is extremely beneficial for overweight Americans to shed extra kilos to stay fit and healthy. The protocol is a four-phase method including attack, cruise, consolidation, and stabilization with an idea that calories don’t count but one needs to understand a realistic weight that one needs to attain. More than a million people in the country have already tried and tested the Dukan diet with more than 500,000 early adopters. Unlike many diets that still allow a portion of carbohydrates, the Dukan diet significantly emphasizes on protein and fat as the key elements. Studies also state that the Dukan diet is safe and effective in terms of weight loss and weight management. Moreover, Americans tend to consume high amounts of processed food that contains sodium, and the Dukan diet is the perfect remedy to get over this addiction. Essentially, the Dukan diet helps a person achieve their ideal weight and is otherwise more of a prescriptive eating that involves 100 food items to choose from. To start with, protein will be your first choice, which would include lean beef, veal, pork, venison, fish, pork, poultry, shellfish, and all kind of lean meat. This constitutes the attack phase, which would also include vegetarian-based proteins such as tofu, vegetable burger, and soy foods.

You must also include fat free dairy products such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, milk, Greek yoghurt, and sour cream. Eggs are considered to the best protein element of a Dukan diet, and your diet should include chicken eggs, quail, and duck eggs. In the cruise phase, you can introduce more than 32 vegetables such as beet, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, onions, lettuce, turnip, and many more. You should ensure that olive oil is a key element of this phase. And oat bran must be coupled with 1.5 liters of water per day in the attack phase, and this must be continued in the cruise phase. Coming to the consolidation phase, you can add lamb, vegetables, one portion of low-sugar fruit, and a piece of cheese slice. Also, you can jazz up this diet with some mouth-watering and delicious American recipes such as chicken with lemon and capers, cod with mustard sauce, meatballs with rosemary, ham appetizers, herb sauce, savory pancakes, chicken with mushrooms, and many more. If you eat as per the protocol, then you barely have to bother about the calories. Regardless of following any diet, maintaining a balance is the most important thing.